Olmo Capital

We invest in Cold

OLMO Capital was formed in 2015, when Mario Coronado and Alejandro A. Gonzalez, two former colleagues from The Boston Consulting Group Mexico, were reunited after their respective MBA programs to raise a Search Fund.

In 2017, OLMO acquired IRESA, the Cold Storage leader in Central Mexico. After realizing first hand the industry’s growth potential the team used IRESA’s platform to embark on a mission to build a national cold supply chain network through a combination of acquisitions and organic growth. In 2018, OLMO acquired BASAL, the leading player in Monterrey and Tijuana, completing its national footprint.

Over these years, we have assembled a team of strategic investors and experienced operators from different segments of the cold supply chain and have consolidated a strong market share position nationally. Today, we stand as the most sophisticated Cold Supply Chain Operator in Mexico.

Our mission is to consolidate the Cold Supply chain in Latin America.


We grow through a combination of acquisitions and organic deployment of capital in new facilities. With a long-term investment approach, we have developed a particular set of skillsets that enable us to excel in execution:

Strong Value for owners

Flexible acquisition / partnership schemes to regional business owners. By merging companies unto our fund, we retain local operators as partners of a larger scale operation.

Greenfield expertise

Insight from our wide range of clients and partners has enabled us to identify and build new best-in-class facilities with volume commitments, reducing risk as we scale.

Dedicated ramp-up team

Once we build new facilities, our internal SWAT operations team can kick-start quickly. We can go from desigh phase to fully operational in under six months.

Plug-and-play Platform

Advanced WMS / ERP systems allow us to “plug-and-play” new facilities and newly acquired companies as we scale. Highly standardized operational processes in place to control growth.

Market Experience

Our team has deep operational and Mexico-specific industry expertise, ranging from the Central de Abasto to sophisticated logistics markets at the US border.

Startup culture

We are obssesed with culture and have become an agile company that responds quickly to market needs, operating with our start-up like culture.